Supporting Fellow Engineers

Case Study

by Pawan Giri

The Client

Echobind is an innovative and rapidly growing software design, engineering and development agency that spans the entirety of the US. Their clients vary in size and industry, including therapeutics, entertainment, transportation, and more. As Echobind continues to grow, so does their consistent pipeline demanding projects from current and new clients.

The Problem

Echobind does not always have the required skills in-house or the amount of team members immediately available to successfully support all active client projects. Without additional support, Echobind will likely spend extra time and resources staffing up and training new hires for each new project and its unique demands.

Our Solution

To support Echobind’s ever-growing client and project demands, TTC connects Echobind with a number of expert and experienced software engineers and UX/UI designers to temporarily reinforce their team when needed. Our staff augmentation services allow for Echobind to tackle any and all sized projects without fear of profit loss due to downtime or required training.

The Results

As a result of having direct access to team members with the exact experience and expertise needed, Echobind is able to expand their service offerings and kick-off projects with ease and expediency. Not only this, but having the proper staff for each project ensures the smoothest process and highest quality results. Echobind now experiences less downtime, greater efficiency, and maximized project profits and quality.

Overall, TTC’s staff augmentation services have helped, and continue to help, Echobind eliminate downtime, bolster their team, and maximize the profits and efficiency of each new unique and demanding project.

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