Hilo App

Tackling Complex Rebuilds

Case Study

by Pawan Giri

The Client

After two decades in the Commercial Real Estate business, Hilo App’s founders wanted to use their real-world experience and insights to create a network for CRE professionals. This Tenant Experience Network (TEN) aimed to bring developers, property managers, and tenants together to create the largest connected community of people in buildings.

The Problem

Due to the increasingly intense demands with CRE guidelines and outdated tech, Hilo was having great difficulties finding a development and engineering service that could redesign their app effectively.

Our Solution

TTC took on the enormous task of re-designing and relaunching the Hilo App—complete with all the necessary updates for compliance requirements and upgrades to the current functionality. The upgraded app’s performance led to Hilo App asking TTC to help them design and engineer the next version of the app—including completely new features with cutting-edge coding and technology.

The Results

Hilo App is now running with above standard efficiency and compliance alignment. Plus, the brand new features on the app have significantly increased the UX and has empowered the client with the confidence to tackle even their most lofty app ambitions.

Overall, TTC was able to help Hilo App with a complex re-working of their current app, as well as lead the design and engineering of brand new features and upgrades to the newest version. Hilo App is now functioning at peak performance and compliance, and has the confidence to continue iteration on their app.

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