Toronto Star

A 130-Year-Old Paper with a Modern UX

Case Study

by Pawan Giri

The Client

The Client: Founded in 1892, The Toronto Star is one of Canada’s largest daily newspapers, and a staple in millions of people’s homes. Today, The Star publishes a daily newspaper, both paper and online/mobile, as well as frequent news updates throughout the day. Due to the extremely high usage of The Star’s mobile app, and the frequency of content uploads, its reliability and quality are integral.

The Problem

Being over a decade old, The Toronto Star’s mobile app was cumbersome, slow, and prone to frequent crashing. On top of this, the app was taking up a significant amount of space on the user’s device. These issues were causing The Star’s app rating to be extremely poor (1.4 on the App Store), a loss in their customer base, and flooded their Customer Service and Development Departments with complaints and bug fix requests.

Our Solution

A total re-development and overhaul of The Star’s mobile app was necessary to combat the ever-growing list of issues. Being a decade old, it was riddled with bugs and outdated technology that was hindering its performance. TTC was brought on to re-design, re-develop, and re-launch a brand new mobile app–complete with the latest high quality technology and coding techniques to modernize the user experience.

The Results

After the launch of the newly developed Toronto Star mobile app, the client saw a dramatic App Store rating increase from 1.4 to 4.8. The new app was also able to decrease the download size to under 25MB to match today’s industry standards. Additionally, the parent company that owns The Toronto Star was able to expand TTC’s solution across their entire network of additional companies and services.

Overall, TTC was able to provide The Toronto Star with a brand new, high functioning app that improved their customer’s experience and helped boost mobile app usage.

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